My Muscles Beat Breast Cancer

About A Gentle Cleanse Wellness Bar

Charlene Gullotta 

Founder/Director of

A Gentle Cleanse Colonics

began in  Henderson ,NV, Nov. 2002.

 It quickly become the most popular sought after Colonic  Health Center in Nevada.  (2002-2015)

Charlene has Graduate Degrees in Health Education/  Althletic Training  and Educational Psychology. 

She is a certified Colon Hydrotherapist and Master Hypnotherapist and a  Certified Spiritual Counselor & Marriage officiant.

  "Colonics were introduced to me in 1982, after a series of  health issues, and it  completely Changed my life! 

A Gentle Cleanse  Colonics moved into  Phoenix Wellness Studio in 2010 - 2014 where she developed a fitness and wellness program for people who wanted to improve overall health Holistically.   In 2015, she moved out of Southern Nevada, and  took a sabbatical to travel, education, and inner solstice. 

Throughout  2015 she traveled in the Northern Sierras  which inspired  her to rise above  Breast Cancer and wrote   her soon to be released book  "The Lettuce Lies" , and created a personal health counseling series soon to be premiered on an upcoming Youtube channel! 

Oct. 2019

 After 2 years of seeking a perfect place to open A Gentle Cleanse , Char has just opened a beautiful location in Historic Boulder City, NV ( 20 minutes from Las Vegas Down town) where  A Gentle Cleanse is now an expanded Wellness bar featuring  an Oxygen Bar, Local Art and Products, 3d Guided Meditation and Hypnosis for Healthy Habits, Wellness workshops , Fitness, and not lastly  the sought after A Gentle Cleanse Colonics.

Its  all inside a modernly designed 2 story  store in the historic hot spot of Boulder City.  

The ambience of color and art is refreshing and yet calming.

Char is also accepting new clients for Personal Wellness coaching.  

A Gente Cleanse Wellness Bar  1400 Wyoming St.#3  Boulder City ,NV  89005

"My Muscles Beat Breast Cancer."  

Going within gives us birds eye view of out!

" After the initial diagnosis of BREAST CANCER, I began the interesting journey of the internal and external causes of the dis-ease.  That story will be told in my booklet .  My determination is to share with others some proven ways to live better and  become stronger!  In this leading edge time of toxic environmental and psychological distress, I can guide you to better and a more natural status of well being.  Come join me in using  proven methods & principles to assist in living a Happy and Healthier lifestyle! It's never too late! It all begins on the  Inside starting NOW."

 She continues to provide excellent personal service at

A Gentle Cleanse Wellness Bar and features her personal "one- on -one" guidance & knowledge for you to grow into living Happy and Healthy for the rest of our lives.

" Colonics, along with"living a Certain Way", are  Key to Optimal health, happiness, & longevity.

 My  philosophy

 is that improving  ones owns  health gives us the energy and desire to share a happy healthy Planet"

Happy Healthy

My Growing  Journey of Health Fitness & Living!

Thank you for visiting my page and New Wellness Bar in Boulder City!

BIO will come soon.

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