A Gentle Cleanse

Colon Hydrotherapy

The easiest, safest, most comfortable ,private way to cleanse!

Colon Hydrotherapy
 Bloated?  Gassy?  Over Weight?  Tired?
            You are full of C.R.A.P 
  is Caffeine ,Refined foods, Antibiotics,& Pollutants

 The CRAP prevents digestion and absorption of nutrients and Dehydrates the colon, Overloads the Liver, and Stresses the entire digestive system.

We are exposed to over 100,000 chemicals & Toxins  daily  through Air, Food and Water.

A Gentle Cleanse Colon hydrotherapy Colonics assists in removing years of debris, mucous, waste, and toxicity, Hydrates the digestive system and deep cleanses the liver.  A series of colon therapy sessions will hasten Weight loss,  improve energy, boost immunity,  and  prevent disease.

 We cannot avoid Toxicity in our modern world, but with current technology and natural colon hydrotherapy we can Detoxify fast efficiently, and safely.

 A Gentle Cleanse Colonics is the key first step internal cleansing of the entire digestive system. It is the key to  Optimal vibrant health!

A Gentle Cleanse Colonics opened in 2002 , and has  proudly been serving the Las Vegas area  since.

It is second to none, the cleanest, friendliest most Knowledgable facility in the Nevada.  Now located inside Dynamic Stem Cell.

Your Health starts here!