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A Gentle Cleanse Colonics

The average person has 2 to 25 pounds of waste!  With A Gentle Cleanse Colonics you will release years of waste as you relax in a private comfortable manner.  Its easy to release old waste and detoxify safely with no down time. 

 You leave feeling GREAT!​

How often should I have A Gentle Cleanse?

We recommend 12 sessions within 12-weeks (or sooner if you have the time in your schedule)  for best results.   This hydrates all your organs and loosens  years of build up in your colon.  Once your large intestine is hydrated and deeply cleansed the entire digestive system can then flush!  

 Your entire body will  benefit and you will notice the difference Immediately. Usually a feeling of lightness, and a fresh clear feeling all over your body is noticed. 

After an  initial series (12)  cleansing,  maintenance is the best way to keep feeling great! Many people benefit with weight loss, when used with The Fit Life Way of eating and living. Using A Gentle Cleanse as Maintenance will depend on how YOU FEEL, your condition, and your concept of health. Maintain and improve your health with with regular cleansing! Some do great with a monthly or bi monthly cleanse. Others feel best with more.  I have been cleansing for over 30 years on a weekly basis. 

What can A Gentle Cleanse do for me?

 A Gentle Cleanse colon cleansing isKEY in managing health for life.  In my own experience and from thousands of happy client it continues to prove to be the First step in overall optimal health over your life.  Detoxing your inside to radiate on the outside!

Regular colon cleansing improves overall health, shortens illness,  & can help avoid chronic diseases and more:




Many Benefits

What about my FLORA?

The truth is your colon needs FLORA (good Bacteria) to function well.  You may have heard falsely that cleansing removes good bacteria.  In actuality, the colon cannot absorb good nutrients when it is CLOGGED and full of toxins.  When you wash away bad bacteria and waste your body can freely increase the growth of GOOD bacteria.

 Cleansing is essential to improving Antibodies in the body.  Contrary to popular ADVERTISEMENT, eating Yogurt will not replenish your antibodies flora.  I always suggest taking a PROBIOTIC supplement after your cleanse and daily once your body is clear and can absorb it.

As the colon is cleansed, it pushes waste through your system through the natural process of peristalsis, clearing the way for good nutrient & water absorption.

A clean colon from a colon hydrotherapy cleanse  allows waste to pass easily.



Constipation — especially when it’s chronic — causes a sluggish digestive response, which in turn leaves waste in the system longer causing Toxic overload. This increases the likelihood of certain conditions and irritations, such as hemorrhoids and varicose veins.


Releasing Toxic overload has an overwhelming feeling of relief! The circulation is increased, blood flows better, more restful sleep, and a positive outlook improves overall performance in all our functions.


A colon that’s been cleansed allows  water, vitamins and nutrients to be absorbed into the bloodstream, creating an unobstructed path for essential nutrients to filter into your body. This includes boosting natural immunity and good antibodies.  Ridding the body of stagnant pollutants significantly improves health.

Weight Loss

Clear Mind

Toxins and poor nutirient absorption  causes memory loss and mental distraction, frustration,  bad attitude, and loss of concentration. The buildup of mucous and toxins in the colon can keep your body from absorbing nutrients for optimal function, even if you eat a consistently "healthy" diet. Cleansing  with colonics can be the difference between feeling alert, and Brain FOG.  This has far-reaching benefits for work, your relationships, and your overall health.


Colon Cleansing will allow the body to absorb nutrients with high efficiency, thus boosting metabolism. 

Colon cleansing hastens weight loss since the colon stores 2 to 25  pounds of waste, The average human colon weighs about four pounds empty and can hold up to eight meals’ worth of food before digestion finally occurs. A colon cleansing can result in significant weight loss ,kick-start your metabolism, and reduce and eliminate cravings.

It is not uncommon to lose a significant amount of weight through Colon Cleansing.

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Chronic Illness

DECREASES RISK OF Chronic diseases

All the toxins that you eat, drink, breathe, and absorb through your skin, try to detoxify through the Digestive system, (kidneys, liver) before its released into the blood stream. We are exposed to over 100,000 chemicals a day which  overburdens the systems natural ability to detoxify itself. Thus, more cancer and chronic diseases are pronounced.  By Colon cleansing stagnant  waste, it assists in the flushing of toxicity. Colon cleansing also washes away harmful bacteria and triggers the GOOD bacteria to fight . Good antibodies then are viable and fight off diseases.


Pollutants that cause toxic overload including molds, fungus, & bad bacteria upsets the natural PH levels in the blood. In balance of PH inflames the body, and causes a variety of disease. Colon cleansing brings the body into an alkaline preferred PH balance.


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What is A Gentle Cleanse?

  A Gentle Cleanse has been  the #1 best facility for colon hydrotherapy in Nevada since 2002.  Charlene Gullotta - Owner Operator is a professional Health & Fitness Educator with over 30 years experience with Colon Hydrotherapy.

 We use  the easiest , safest, state of the art technology colonic equipment available. 

 A Gentle Cleanse is an "Open" system. which is superior to old fashioned Invasive styles of colon therapy equipment. See video

The Difference of CLOSED vs. OPEN system:

Open System of A Gentle Cleanse

1st,  it  allows  total PRIVACY and COMFORT, which is  not possible with  "Closed"  systems. 

2nd difference is,  A Gentle Cleanse utilizes a  revolutionary

pencil sized "thin" tube. 

In my years of experience I find the thin tube technology to be more comfortable, Private , and improves the colon muscles by initiating peristalsis on its own.  The closed system is controlled by someone else, not your own body.

How can you best Summarize the Equipment?

     In summary:

With  a Closed system colonic, a therapist has to INSERT a LARGE  5 inch long and  3 inch diameter tube into the rectum. Which I consider unnecessary  & and Invasive antiquated style.  There is no privacy or Control of your own cleanse.

Privacy , Control & Comfort are the differences  with an Open Colonic System.      

None of which can be accomplished with a Closed System.

Be assured our equipment is second to none, Sterilized, and ultimately superior to older methods.

Can you explain the steps of the Cleanse?

 Your session will take a total of 1 hour.  There is nothing you need to prepare before your cleanse. 

Its Easy! 

You will be instructed how to get onto the specialized sterilized table , and be shown how to insert the small tube.  Its super easy even children do this themselves.

Once you are comfortable and ready, the session will begin when Char turns the water flow on.

Purified Water is gently infused into the large intestine and waste flows out and away from your body through the comfortable process. 

​You get to watch what years of waste has been building up inside  you.  Its a great view to see what kind of old CRAP has been stored inside of you for years!

A guided inservice video will help you to relax and assist you through your cleansing experience. Charlene, is always accessible to assist & Privacy is assured.

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