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Oxygen Bar

Just 10 minutes of Breathing deeply through your nostrils  Concentrated Oxygen ( Infused with Essential Aromas or CBD) will  immediately Relieve Stress, ease Anxiety,  Clear brain fog, improve Recovery and Performance, decongest  sinus and allergy stuffiness,  and much more!  Learn how to be better at the Oxygen Bar! Meet new friends or bring friends and Take a Breather!



4 hours includes:  Colon Cleanse- Oxygen therapy, Breathing Detox- Massage- Lymphatic Fitness & Stretch- Organic Fresh Juicing-B12- and Detox Supplements

 DETOXIFICATION from the inside out for a day of ReFreshing your body and mind. Cleanse will boost immunity, De Stress,  clear skin, relieve brain fog, improve energy and activate adrenal function for weight loss, refresh, recharge your entire body. 

Small private limited to 6 attendees.  Must reserve by phone. 

A Gentle Cleanse Colon Hydrotherapy


 save  $10 pay cash  

Fast , Private, & Easy!

Senior & Military savings

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$12 - 10 min. essential 

unlimited monthly *$49 

$22 - 10 min w/CBD

wi/ CBD monthly  *$79 

* 10 min each

We Appreciate your REVIEWS & REFERRALS!
                            $10 off any service

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