Bigger Badder Food Sells Better

Consumers say they want healthier options, but the Big Bad Food still sells better! (according to a USA today report last month.) The biggest seller is the 1,420 calorie Monster Thickburger sold at Carls Jr. When Americans eat out, the goal is to… indulge. “Healthy eating isn’t a trend. It’s a slow creep,” says Ron Paul, president of a research firm called Technomic. “Most people would rather take a pill than change eating habits.” That supports the fact that some of the most popular fast food restaurants are adding bigger badder foods to their menus… such as Burger King’s Enormous Omelet sandwich with 2 slices of cheese, three strips of bacon and a sausage patty, and 2 eggs. That whopping 730-calorie breakfast item is a hot seller. BK sells about 100 Whoppers for every Veggie Burger, and about 10 Whoppers to every salad. IHOP is stuffing their foods. The pancake chain is promoting Stuffed French Toast – filled with sweetened cream cheese... loaded up with fat and sugar! The chain says that less than 1% of guests “show any meaningful interest” in better- for- you foods. Ben & Jerry’s dropped all three of its NO-Carb ice cream flavors and have introduced a wider cone that can hold two scoops instead of one. Marketing director David Stever says “We don’t have better-for-youfood customers, we have full-fat customers who may feel guilty once in a great while.” Pizza Hut got even cheesier with its new Triple cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza. It took in 20% of the chains business within four days of introduction. The chain sells less than 1 lower calorie Fit N’Delicious pizza for every 100-pan pizzas. Recently media has portrayed that the public is looking to eat healthier foods, however the proof is in the sales of BIGGER BADDER FOODS… and Americans are eating tons of it. The most popular menu item ordered by men at restaurants last year was Hamburgers. (Reported by the NPD group which tracks consumer eating habits.) French Fries ranks second. Women were reported that the opposite was true in favorite foods… French fries being #1 and burgers to follow. Pizza is ranked #3 by men and women. Even in the age of a better-educated dining public, consumers are choosing the highest in fat, sugar and salt. “Americans have always had the means to eat healthier, but they do not have the will,” says Harry Balzer, VP of the NPD. Even though this diet is killing us… we still choose to eat this way. WHY YOU CRAVE A BURGER! We are redesigning our genetic development by eating these foods for the last few decades says Steven Whitherly PHD., and author of his soon to be published book called WHY PEOPLE LIKE JUNK FOOD. He contends that we seek out fats, sugar, and salt because it has become programmed in our genetics. Fats, sugars, and salt stimulate the pleasure centers of our brains and humans naturally seek out pleasurable stimuli. Huge portions of fats, sugars and salt, increases brain chemicals involved in feeling good. And who doesn’t want to feel good?! These foods cause cravings. Taste buds are highly stimulated and we want to repeat that stimulation over and over again. We are addicted to the Bad Foods. This may explain why Fried chicken… not salads or veggies… emerged as the fastest growing food category in 2004. WHAT’S SO BAD ABOUT BAD FOOD? Since we are a better-educated generation, don’t we already know the answer to that question? The US has the highest incidence of Colon cancer in the world. And it hasn’t been decreasing! Neither has the onset of diabetes, heart disease, or cancer become less evident. So why aren’t we worried about these facts? It seems like we may have a case of split personality. What we say we want and what we do are totally opposite. Don’t we want to prevent these illnesses? Maybe we want to feel good NOW. Do we really spend much time thinking about the possibility of getting one of these diseases? Preventing diseases isn’t a usual motivator to eat healthier for most consumers. We know what we should do for better health. Each day, millions of us reach for the aspirins, antihistamines, acid reflux caps, pain pills, diet aids, prescriptions, alcohol, caffeine, and illegal substances to help us feel better! Obviously we want to feel better. Obviously we desire to look better too, so we reach for diets, botox, lotions, tans, even surgery to instantly look better NOW. Have we gone insane? Or have we become too stressed, too lazy, and too fast to plant the seeds for a long and healthier life? Now we know that the public wants to eat BIGGER BADDER foods, so what can we do to feel better and not guilty over the less than desirable choices we make? Ideally, Americans need to start walking the path to health, in their bodies and minds… and live a philosophy of creating wellness within ourselves. This will eventually improve our ‘genetics’ and addictions. It will also create wellness for the entire planet. Aside from that… what about CLEANSING? Cleansing is the celebs secret to feeling great. You heard that Janet Jackson, Madonna, and Dave Navarro get regular cleansing to stay fit. It’s true, and so can you, despite our need to eat bigger and badder! It’s an easy, natural and fast way to feel better. Use of Colon cleansing gets out the C.R.A.P. – the Caffeine, Refined sugars, Alcohol, Antibiotics, Processed foods and pollutants. A Gentle Cleanse offers the most up dated colon cleansing equipment, using a pencil thin tube, that you insert only 1 inch into the rectum with total privacy and comfort. There is a difference in equipment and facilities, so be sure to get all the facts. Start cleansing out some of that CRAP you have been putting in. Cleansing helps you feel better fast. Would you neglect to brush your teeth or take a daily shower? Then it makes sense to cleanse the inside. Your body is overloaded with toxins and waste. In fact the average person carries around 2 to 25 pounds of waste in the large intestine, which ferments and poisons the rest of our body. No wonder we feel like CRAP. You may not be able to stick to a healthier diet, but you now have a comfortable easy way to get some of that waste out… with colon cleansing.

For more information contact Charlene Gullotta at A Gentle Cleanse. 407-2510.

HEALTH, FITNESS & BEAUTY BIGGER BADDER FOOD SELLS BETTER! “Americans have always had the means to eat healthier, but they do not have the will.”

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