Mind over Matters!?

You have heard it before! Mind over Matters. Is it that simple a concept to grasp? Most Americans consult a Physician if it pertains to their health. Some people use their emotions to guide them through Matters. Usually not with the best outcome especially if their emotions are sad, angry or confusing. But this is where it is most useful. Being Positive is not the same as USING your mind. Your conscious mind and your sub conscious mind say different things. Sub conscious mind is the talk that leads your conscious AWAKE mind to act. Sub Conscious is NOT the same as UN Conscious. Not much matters or is remembered during an unconscious state of mind. However, Mental blocks are not the first thing we readily admit to. Most of us say, "its the way I have always been" or " my father was like this , so I must have inherited."

Our subconscious mind has readily been proven to be the Master of our bodies. Using simple techniques of Deep Breathing and conscious connection to the breath has proven with BioFeed back technique to be key in lowering blood pressure and changing our heart rates. Mongolian Monks use the deep breath conscious control to reach translate meditative states of mind. WE can achieve the same results with changing our minds , and its as simple as taking some deep breaths. Hypnotherapy addresses your sub conscious programmed mind with deep breathing and guided thought while you are totally conscious to what is being said or what you are saying. The sub conscious can be re conditioned for the better of your mind, life, challenges, and blocks. Try self hypnosis , or get to the heart of the Matter with a certified Hypno -Therapist. Clear out all toxins from he body before your session and be clear as to the changes you seek.

Be your own master of your mind!

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