The Truth about Fitness Fads!

Fitness is not a FAD!

The hype isn’t always truth!

Before jumping on the bandwagon, Look before you Leap!


A gluten-free diet might be necessary for people with celiac disease (who have an immune reaction to the protein found in grains like barley and wheat), but it's become a trendy way to lose weight. The diet often backfires. "My clients who have gone gluten free are all constipated and nutrient deficient," Tallmadge says. "When we get them back on grains, they feel better." Like any other heavily processed food, gluten-free products are often low in fiber, lack vitamins and minerals, and contain a lot of calories. Overeating these foods can make you gain weight. Eating natural gluten-free foods, like quinoa and vegetables, is healthy for anyone—just skip the gluten-free muffins, please.

Extreme fasting

Going to extreme measures to lose weight—such as trying a water fast for a few days (or more)—is, hands down, extremely dangerous. The risks? Dizziness, fatigue, or cardiovascular problems (even fatal ones) from electrolyte imbalance that can affect your heartbeat, says Julien. And, like juice cleanses, extreme fasts can prompt your body to break down calorie-burning muscle. Less restrictive fasts (like eating normally for five days and severely limiting calories for two) can work, but there are easier and more pleasant ways to lose weight—like eating a healthy, whole-foods-based diet, for one.

Eating Raw

Raw foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts,seeds) are made of Cellulose. Cellulose is indigestible fiber . You read that right! Raw foods CANNOT digest.

If we are unable to digest our foods, there's a good chance that we're not absorbing many of the nutrients in the foods we eat. A lot of the nutrients in vegetables are stored in its tough fibers. Unless we break down these vegetable fibers, our bodies will not be able to use these nutrients. Cooking with low to medium heat is usually enough to help break down or ‘predigest’ these fibers so that we can access the minerals and nutrients. Best to use a juice EXTRACTOR with the fiber to absorb the nutrients.

I’ve had to convince so many of my clients to switch from a raw foods diet to a cooked foods diet.

. Our stomachs are not like other vegetarian animals such as cows. Many of these animals have extra stomachs to help break down and digest the tough plants and grasses they eat. Humans, unfortunately, don’t have these extra stomachs to break down all the fibrous cellulose contained in plants. This makes it especially difficult to digest vegetable fibers. When we’re constantly eating foods that our bodies cannot digest, our ability to digest foods in general is weakened. A weakened digestive system can cause bloating, indigestion, constipation or loose stools, weight gain, malnutrition, food allergies and a lowered immune system. Our digestive system is a key element to good health, so it’s important to ensure it is healthy and functioning properly. It’s a simple biological fact. Humans do not digest Cellulose.

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