Health From the Inside Out

Consider the Facts...Colon Cancer is the leading cancer Killer in the US. Most recently Pollution is the leading cause of Premature death in the world.

Over 2 millón people a year are diagnosed with colon related diseases, including colitis, IBS, & Diverticulitis. In the U.S alone over 5 billon dollars are spent annually on laxatives.

With over 10,000 chemicals a day bombarding our bodies from the Air, Water and food it's no wonder we are all experiencing diminished health. There are hundreds of FAD fast diets popping up to get you a quick fix, but the truth is that nothing you can eat will prevent these astronomical illnesses to cease. C

The typical American diet consists of

Caffeine-Refined foods-Alcohol-and Processed foods all C.R.A.P which insult the body and its natural digestive system process. What took only 4 hours to digest at the turn of the 1900's now takes 72 hours to get through your system. This long digestive process accumulates and stagnates in the colon and purifies your blood stream. Toxicity over burdens your body.

The average American has 5 to 25 pounds of accumulated Waste in the colon. The accumulation of waste and toxins blocks absorption of nutrients, causes dehydration, and inhibits elimination!

Some toxic effects include:

Constipation, Diarrhea, headaches, backaches, fatigue,bloating, gas & Stomach distention, pain in the back, food cravings, insomnia, mental fog, allergies, sinus infections, arthritis, weight gain, many chronic diseases, and even death occurs from a toxemic effect of the organs.

The new coined language of EATING CLEAN is not enough and not based in FACT.

Clean eating is impossible with our Highly Polluted Air, Food and Water. But avoiding Processed, chemical based made foods is the best you can do. Avoid the CRAP!

Getting adequate exercise, and rest, drinking purified water and adding Regular Colon Cleansing to your regime is the best most effective way to rid your body of overloaded toxicity.

Some benefits of Colon Cleansing are Renewed energy due to the uptake of Nutrient absorption. It also boosts antibodies and good bacteria (flora) then naturally reproduces to improve Immunity!

The skin is the largest organ of the body and you will immediately become hydrated and see the difference. Other benefits include Weight Loss, Reduced heart burn, elimination of gas & Bloat, and overall well being.

My own benefits began with a series of colonics in 1982 when I had severe constipation issues and headaches. I have added colonics to my life ever since and can tell you that is the most important part of my healthy living regime.

Don't take only my word for it, go cleanse with A Gentle Cleanse Colonics today and feel the benefits for yourself! 702-407-2510

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