Closed System or A Gentle Cleanse OPEN System! Big tube or Little?

As a life long user of Colonics, I will absolutely correct your misconceptions of the OPEN vs Closed system. The difference in Open and Closed system is light years apart and a kin to driving a luxury car over a Pinto.

When I first began Colonics in 1983, I was subjected to the only style system there was at the time. Which was a very Large Closed system. The tube was 4 inches in diameter, and 5 inches long which had a two way valve for water in and water out which an attendant had to put inside your rectum and stay with you whilst filling you with water and telling you when to release. It was very embarrassing, harassing and messy. Picture laying on your side while you are intruded upon into your tight rectum, and then being guided to SHIT while someone was telling you when to hold it or release!

Don't misunderstand me, Colonics saved my life and my health then, as it does now, but the difference is in the technology today! My OPEN system is far advanced in technology, ease, comfort, and cleanliness.

The A Gentle Cleanse Open system allows you to have COMPLETE privacy with a TINY pencil thin tube that I teach you how to insert only an inch into your tight behind.

You lie on your back watching a relaxing video. Water gently infuses into your intestines, and then your intestines NATURALLY release using its own muscles(peristalsis). The waste and water flow into the basin and out into the sewer through a view tube for your pleasure to view. You stay clean, Dry and comfortable. This system is by far the state of the art way to cleanse.

1. 100% private -vs- NO privacy and a strangers hand at your behind.

2. The tube is pencil THIN only 1 inch in vs. 3 to 4 inch wide 5 inch deep

3. Clean and dry Vs. Spills and overflow of contaminated water

4. Allows Natural Peristalsis VS Passive release

Bottom Line (PUN intended) is that you are able to have a more effective Private cleanse of your bowels, and not share the SHIT with someone else!

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