Beat the Holiday Blues & Bloat!

Beat the Holiday Blues and Bloat!

Here it comes again….the “Holidays” as we fondly refer to them. For some, it brings cheery, warm, fuzzy feelings,… for others (including myself…a self proclaimed bah-humbugger) it’s the time of year we rather be far away from it all. But, soon the cherub faced co- workers that you barely speak to all year will bring in their “homemade” wares of….cookies, cakes and strange morsels with gooey stuff oozing from all sides. You smile out of politeness, as you scarf down a token piece of the sugary goodie and chase it with the holiday punch or egg nog! You hope that it’s spiked so that you make it through the next 5 or 6 weeks of Holiday Cheer. Before Saint Nick could squeeze down the chimney, here comes the next cherub faced co-worker with a paper dish full of yummies just for you.

This is the seasonal ritual most of us experience between November and January. Toss that in with unrealistic expectations, over-commercialization, financial constraints, demands of shopping and social functions, and it feels more like a Halloween nightmare! Oh yeah, did we forget the Halloween costume and candy demands? You get the picture.

A cycle of over eating, over drinking and over extending yourself begins. This is a recipe for stress, depression, packed on pounds and related illnesses.

Unless it’s feasible for you to take a sabbatical from Halloween through the 2nd of Jan., it’s not likely you can avoid the holiday blitz.

Some signs that you may have Holiday Blues and Bloat:

Early warning signs of the blues actually start out as signs of stress. Left to progress, you become depressed or burned out. The American Mental Health Association lists these as signs that you may be burned out:

1. Chronic Fatigue, exhaustion, tiredness, feeling run down.

2. Anger directed at those making demands.

3. Self criticism for putting up with demands.

4. Cynicism, negativity, irritability.

5. Exploding at inconsequential disturbances.

6. Weight loss or gain

7. Sleeplessness

8. Shortness of breath

9. Feeling helpless/depressed

10. Frequent headaches/gastrointestinal problems

How to Cope:

With all the unrealistic demands, is it any wonder millions expect to get the flu or a bad cold this time of year? This is actually is a subconscious way to get out of the onslaught of obligations. But, there are better ways to cope. Cut this portion out and make it a priority for yourself.

1. Make a Schedule. Time management and having a plan prevents you from overextending. Get a day timer, palm pilot, or calendar. I consider this to be the most important thing you can do to manage your stress and your life. This will help you to prioritize and assign importance to events activities and appointments. This can save your life!

2. Exercise and Eat Healthy. Put these two items in your planner first. Without proper exercise and nutrients you will quickly become ill and worthless through the entire holiday season. Limit the empty calories of cookies, cakes and desserts. You don’t have to eat the whole piece of anything. A taste goes a long way.

3. Cleanse your body. Cleansing your colon is especially important when you over eat and drink. You could easily overload your system with toxins and become sick. All the stress signs listed above can be alleviated with regular cleansing of your colon.

There are plenty of misconceptions out there concerning “colonics”. I heard two dj’s discussing what they thought colonics were. I was cringing at every comment and realized that the general public is more than misinformed and this discussion wasn’t helping disparage any myths. A few of my regular clients called concerned that outdated and wrong Information was being broadcast. I tried to call in on the show, but it was futile. Let me set the story straight.

The colonics available at A Gentle Cleanse have state of the art equipment (with a pencil thin tube) total privacy, and comfort. The old fashioned style of someone putting a large tube in to your body is NOT the style of equipment used at A Gentle Cleanse. Although the older style equipment is still around. A Gentle Cleanse is the newest in technology. At A Gentle Cleanse you have total privacy and assistance from a professionally trained therapist. You can be assured that having a colonic at A Gentle Cleanse is a non embarrassing experience. Forget what you have heard in the past, and check out the newest ways to keep cleansed and healthy through colon therapy at www.agentlecleanse .com

These steps can save your health and your life through the “holidays” and every day afterwards. You can avoid the Blues and Bloat by taking these simple steps. Care for yourself so that you may enjoy your family and friends, and they will have you healthy and happy all year long.

Lighten your load and have a Happy Holiday season.

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