Colon Cleanse

The easiest safest way to Detoxify your entire body from the Inside.



Oxygen & Breath therapy

Breathing properlywith Concentrated Oxygen and infused essential oils to immediately detox, recharge, and rejuvenate



 Massage & CHi

Massage and CHI will therapeutically  release Oxytocin in your body which make reduces stress and promotes immunity and Happiness.



A Gentle Cleanse Testimonial

Real people Improve with A Gentle Cleanse Colonics

Las Vegas clients love to share their story of A Gentle Cleanse Colon therapy.  It changes lives, and health for ever for the better! 

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Rock Balancing


 Welcome to A Gentle Cleanse Wellness Bar!

I am Charlene Gullotta owner operator of this Wellness bar.

My mission is to educate, inform and inspire you to take control of your health and happiness for the rest of your life.

There is no one magic PILL or thing to do.  However, I take the WHOLE being into consideration for a Holistic approach to living life Optimally and Happily.

My philosophy of healthy living comes from a lifetime of physical experience, education and science based modalities.

To be healthy is natural. And we can enhance our nature in many ways.

The average person in the USA is exposed to over 100,000 chemicals a day through our air, water and food alone.

Chronic disease and obesity is destroying our natural well being.  Let me show you ways to take back control of your life and to live healthy and happy ever after.

Charlene Gullotta has  advanced  Graduate Degrees in  Public Health Education  and Educational Psychology .

She discovered Colon Hydrotherapy in 1980 , as a holistic modality to improve her health and has since utilized colon therapy as one of the key components in Optimal health, Fitness performance, and longevity. 

A Gentle Cleanse opened in 2002 in Henderson and has recently moved to Boulder City, NV in 2019.

She provides intuitive, scientific, biological, philosophical , & emotional guidance for those who seek a holistic way of living.

She is a certified Colon Hydrotherapist, Massage Therapist, 

Master Hypnotherapist, Athletic Trainer,

 Life Coach ,Ordained Minister & Marriage officiant.

She continues to educate , inform, and inspire people with to live a transformed healthy happy long life.  

Coming Soon  a Youtube wellness channel and podcast.